Material Selection:

Techno-Flow starts with the finest raw materials obtainable to make the best possible meter tubes. Seamless tubing from 2" to 8" are purchased from leading steel companies, and only pipes which conform to the 
Techno-Flow specifications regarding outside surface condition, roundness, smoothness inside and lack of dents or other damages, are used.




Tube Preparation

Prior to fabrication, Techno-Flow meter tubing and pipe's receive surface preparation by an automatic rotating wire-brush machine to remove mill scale and rust. If extra cleaning is required, Techno-Flow's sand-blast facilities can finish each tube down to bare metal, internally and externally. The pipe then proceeds to either a cut-off lathe or an automatic saw to guarantee its correct length. End bevels are done on a specially designed machine to ensure an even edge with an accurate beveled angle.


Techno-Flow fabrication includes attaching the orifice fitting to the meter tube to make an integral primary measuring element. For welding operations, highly skilled, "code qualified" welders are employed to turn out the highest possible quality on each job. Special internal jigs and fixtures are used to ensure smooth inlet and outlet surfaces without steps or offsets. All welds receive expert grinding by experienced craftsmen.


If very accurate measuring is required, tubes can be honed to a highly polished internal service (optional).


Techno-Flow maintains rigid inspection methods on manufacturing of all meter tubes. Micrometer readings are made and recorded for each tube and can be supplied upon request. Customer inspectors are welcome at any time to check and verify the tolerances on each finished tube. Techno-Flow facilities provide for special services such as hydrostatic testing and 100% x-raying of welds.


Techno-Flow bolts together all meter tubes, when size permits, before shipment. This saves the user time and field labor costs. Special attention is given to protect the flange faces as well as the pipe ends during transportation


Techno-Flow applies a spray-on primer coating on meter tubes. If desired, corrosion-resistant coatings can also be applied at the Techno-Flow workshop.










Standard lengths for meter tubes are 15 D for upstream and 7 D for downstream, where D is inside diameter of pipe, but any length can be supplied to fit customers' requirements.

Techno-Flow FORGED STEEL ORIFICE FLANGES can be supplied complete with a standard meter tube attached at the factory. These units are fabricated with the same precision and care given to Techno-Flow Orifice Fittings, and are ideal for certain types of meter stations. The Orifice Flange Standard Meter Tube shown here is the Raised Face Weldnek series which uses the Paddle-type Orifice Plate. Other flange facings, sizes and pressure ratings are available upon request. Studs, nuts, jackscrews, pipe plugs and gaskets are optional extras.

NOTE: Tubes are furnished as shown, unless otherwise specified

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